Custom ‘Vanity’ Bitcoin Addresses on Mac OS X 10.9

Bitcoin addresses are generated randomly and consist of up to 35 alpha-numeric characters. There are 2160 possible different bitcoin addresses. To give that some perspective, there roughly 263 grains of sand on this planet. There are almost as many possible bitcoin addresses as there are atoms on earth. It is possible to have a custom… Continue reading Custom ‘Vanity’ Bitcoin Addresses on Mac OS X 10.9

What is Bitcoin?

You’ve probably heard of bitcoin, the decentralised digital currency that is being reported increasingly more in the media recently. In this post I will talk about what they are, what makes them secure, and how to get them.

Lamp made with OpenGL – Animation and Texturing

I’ve coded animation to make the lamp jump around and for a fireplace to flicker. I’ve also incorporated various textures into the scene. The lamp performs a larger jump when faced with an obstacle. Here’s the final results:

Lamp made with OpenGL

I’m currently learning computer graphics using OpenGL. I’ve designed a basic lamp. The plan is to animate it to jump around.

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